Response on the feedback posted on 12/8/17 after a 11/7/17 massage

(1) The client chose not to come to my commercial site.

(2) I do not use blankets but rather heating pads. Removing a heating pad may seem like the skin is not covered. I take careful steps to ensure coverage of private areas and this includes sheet tucking.

(3) Health benefits of woman's breast massage greatly surpass the men's (men chest massage is my standard treatment, by the way). It is sad that this woman called me a creeper instead of educating herself about the subject. Google would be a place to start. Even the conservative Massage Magazine has several articles on it (see This client had a lot of time to educate herself on this topic as she decided to write the review a full month after she had massage with me. It was a real surprise for me to see the lowest possible rating for my 100-minute effort and a pretty good (over 25%) tip.

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