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Client Reviews (all, no skips) from Groupon

68. The best ever iv been getting massages for 20 years he is the best. July 22, 2017

67. The massage therapist, Wojtec, was very knowledgeable, both on the technique of massage therapy and the anatomy and proper alignment of the human body. I really enjoyed the experience and will make future appointments. Felt great after the massage therapy... July 17, 2017

66. I've had many massages in my lifetime and I am not young. Wojtek is not only the best I've ever experienced w deep-tissue or therapeutic massage, but he is also brilliant and knowledgeable of the body musculature. If you want a soft Swedish massage, maybe go elsewhere. If you need deep muscle work, he is for you! I've already booked my next appointment. His premises are clean too! July 6, 2017

65. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was the best massage I have ever had!! He is simply the best I've ever run into for massage therapists!  June 19, 2017

64. Professional deep tissue massage. June 5, 2017

63. Best massage ever! I plan to go back! He made me feel super comfortable and could sense my tense areas immediately! May 23, 2017

62. What a great experience! He is very knowledgeable and took his time to answer my many questions. February 6, 2017

61. The best massage I've ever had. He really knows the human body and how to alleviate the pains. December 21, 2016


59. He was awesome!!! Did a great job with my massage, went above and beyond. Even spent some extra time giving me advice on ways to help treat a medical condition I've had. Highly recommend- I've already booked my next session. So kind and genuinely wants to help his clients! December 10, 2016

58. so glad i found this on groupon!!! helps sooo much with range of motion and pain. i now have an appointment every 2 weeks. worth every penny! December 9, 2016

57. Great massage! Therapist is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend! September 7, 2016

56. Hubby and I, we both loved it. We will go back soon. Thinking about buy some package too. Best massage ever. September 01, 2016

55. Spent extra time concerned about making sure he did a good job. August 23, 2016

54. Great massage! Therapist is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend! August 15, 2016

53. Great massage! July 09, 2016

52. Excellent massage. Best I've had in the Springs. June 29, 2016

51. Y-U-M- !!!!! The man is a MASTER of massage. June 25, 2016

50. OMG - loved loved this massage!! If you like a deep tissue massage this was perfect - he found all the spots that hurt and worked on them, but still got to the rest of the body. June 15, 2016

49. I gave this massage as a gift to my son - it was his first massage. He said it was awesome!! June 09, 2016

48. Best massage ever. I walked in a mess. Left feeling absolutely wonderful. He does amazing work with your IT bands. Will definitely return for more massages. June 04, 2016

47. OMG -- such a wonderful massage. Because you did such a great job, I am now sending my husband for a first! Thank you Wojtek. June 04, 2016

46. Wonderful massage! I will absolutely go back! June 01, 2016

45. Not for the faint of heart. If you want all those painful kinks worked out then this is the place! May 31, 2016

44. Great Service, very carrying people! May 24, 2016

43. I booked the 90 minute massage. Fabulous job. I plan on returning. May 19, 2016

42. Very thorough! May 17, 2016

41. Awesome massage! I love the oils as well. 5 stars! May 06, 2016

40. Great massage. He was very thorough and worked on all the tight spots. April 22, 2016

39. It was amazing and he worked me into his schedule ! April 08, 2016

38. Best massage I've ever had! He knows what he's doing! I feel so much better & relaxed! Use the Groupon to give him a try! Well worth it! April 07, 2016

37. He was veery good and worked directly on the areas that were hurting!!! April 04, 2016

36. Perfect Swedish massage. He was great about focusing on what I needed. I highly recommend Wojtek! March 31, 2016

35. Make sure you know the correct location. ;)  March 24, 2016

34. Great massage!! I had the 90 minute massage and it was fantatic!  March 12, 2016

33. It was the best massage i had in my live and i did have many. Wojtek takes you well being personal and know what he's doing. He worked on my kinks for 2 hours, it was just excellent .I recommend Ms Lavenda to any one who need really good massage. March 05, 2016

32. Best massage I have ever had! The owners are great people and genuinely nice! March 03, 2016

31. The most thorough and greatest massage I've ever received! Highly recommend! February 01, 2016

30. Wonderful deep tissue massage! Helped wonders for my bad shoulder! My shoulder hasn't felt this good for a year!! Will definitely go again! January 30, 2016

29. Very good 90 minute massage. Worked on all major muscle groups along with body pressure points. Would recommend massage. January 26, 2016

28. Good location. January 20, 2016

27. Wojtek is an amazing therapist!! His techniques are very precise and polished. I have been getting massages for years, by who I thought was the best. But Wojtek found pains and aches I didn't even know existed. My massage of choice is deep tissue due to headaches and sciatica pain. If you can get an appointment with him, I truly encourage you try him out. January 19, 2016

26. Good deep tissue massage January 07, 2016

25. An absolutely amazing experience!!! January 02, 2016

24. The woman who answered the door was still in pajamas, maybe more professional attire for a home business? The massage was wonderful but first impression was concerning. December 31, 2015

23. The best massage I ever had bar none; December 22, 2015

22. It was probably the best massage I've ever gotten; December 02, 2015

21. Ms Lavenda is actually a nice, older gentleman from Eastern Europe He gave a very nice massage! November 28, 2015

20. Very receptive to how you feel and where you need the most work! November 26, 2015

19. He is excellent the best massage I have had in Colorado I have visited several places and was very disappointed but this place will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and well (11/16/2015)

18. Great massage (11/12/2015)

17. Be prepared for a more intensive analysis of your aches & pains from Wojtek That's a good thing He is interested in knowing &/or understanding the cause(s) of your pain Very informative and comforting experience (11/3/15)

16. Excellent job! This is an intense therapeutic massage and I left feeling loose and relaxed I will definitely be going back again! (10/12/2015)

15. If you love a lot of pressure and a therapist who REALLY knows the physiology of the body, this is the place for you! (10/1/2015)

14. Absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable and focused on muscles previous massages had left tight. I'm impressed and I will definitely go back! One tip to future guests: it's hard to find, the building is behind others. Park once you see building # 2130 and 40, it's behind there. (9/29/2015)

13. Fantastic massage, I will be back for sure. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Focuses on the trouble areas and ensures you are feeling better prior to leaving! (9/29/2015)

12. I was very pleased with this experience! I worked with Wojtek, who is excellent at what he does: intense, therapeutic massage. I can't believe how relaxed my shoulders and limbs feel right now! The ambiance was very pleasant, and I felt soothed and safe - exactly what you want from a massage. Wojtek was very responsive to my needs when I expressed them, so make sure you communicate. Thank you so much, I will be back. (9/19//2015)

11. Good massage. Would recommend him. (8/29/2015)

10. By far the best massage I have ever had, he was very helpful. (8/21//2015)

9. Best best best massage ever! He is a smart guy who knows exactly what he's doing. I've already referred 6 ppl and I just saw him yesterday. (8/7/2015)

8. The therapeutic massage was awesome! I feel so much more relaxed afterwards, excellent, excellent massage. (7/25/2015)

7. Just got the 90 minute deep tissue and I was so impressed! I was skeptical at first since there were not many reviews, but tried it out anyways. Going in for another one next month. GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT ATMOSPHERE! Highly recommend!!!! (7/22/2015)

6. Fantastic massage. Owner/Therapist really knows his stuff. Highly recommend and I'll be back. (7/14/2015)

5. I had the 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage for chronic muscle soreness caused by competitive bicycle training. This was the most intense and thorough massage I have ever experienced. If this is what you need book it! (7/11/2015)

4. Outstanding massage! Very relaxing and help ease the tension in my muscles. I will DEFINITELY be returning. (7/6/2015)

3. This was one of the best massages I have ever had; I am going back for more. (7/4/2015)

2. Awesome deep tissue massage! I'll be going back. (6/27/2015)

1. Very professional, knowledgeable, and took extra time to massage needed areas in my lower back. Thank you. (6/24/2015)

Below is a comment of a person (signed as Malia M.) who wrote a negative comment without even seeing me. I wonder what motivated him:
He was WAY too rough. I am a guy and the Swedish massage seriously hurt my muscles. The experience was just not good at all and I think it is because he had already got paid through Groupon so he had no incentive to do a good job. I don't think I will be purchasing another massage deal from Groupon. 12/18/2016