Essential Oil

Guru is the deep thinker. It is only fitting that we offer a blend for an intense meditative state. This blend evokes prayer and deep thought. The aroma is rich, deep, woody, and slightly smokey. Imagine Plato or Socrates placing wood on a fire. After all, we brought all the complexity of the old world with this blend. The oils were paired to bring an ancient character that might resemble the tomes of a forgotten castle library or perhaps the damp ashes near an ancient altar. This blend has more blending potential as a substitute for Oakmoss or Agarwood. It is a powerful and dark oil.

Essential oils: Cedarwood, Green Cognac, Calamus, Muhuhu, Vetiver, and Patchouli.
Applications: massage (if diluted with a carrier oil), in diffusers: meditation.

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