Cream for Mature Skin

This vegan cream with heavenly fragrance is especially formulated for mature skin, having healing and rejuvenating properties. Goddess contains a mixture of the following vegetable oils: argan, macadamia, evening primrose, borage, cranberry seed, and jojoba, excellent combination of active oils for mature skin. The oily components of the cream include also squalene, avocado butter, candelilla wax, and pure phosphatidylcholine as an emulsifier. Hydrophilic portion of the cream consists of aloe vera gel and water. Besides the base, Goddess cream is supplemented with vitamins A, C (VitaC Stable, AAP: see EZ Serum for more explanation) and E, as well as essential oils of lavender, roman chamomile, rosewood, ylang ylang, jasmine sambac, rose and neroli. Vegetable oils included here are rich in components known to rejuvenate and help rehydrate skin. Squalene, precursor of cholesterol, steroid hormones, and vitamin D in the human body is thought to have anti-cancer properties.

Goddess S
Cream for Mature Skin

The Goddess-Super cream has the same base as the Goddess cream above except that hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, and vitamins A, C (VitaC Stable, AAP) and E are added, along with a different set of the essential oils: Helichrysum italicum (Corsica), lavender, roman chamomile, clary sage, rose and neroli. It is slightly better absorbed by skin having less greasy appearance, and is yellowish due to the presence of coenzyme Q10, a naturally synthesized by human body molecule essential in energy production, that tends to be less abundant with aging. Hyaluronic acid, is a large glycosaminoglycan molecule naturally distributed throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues, a major component of the synovial fluid. It retains water, so if applied on the skin it protects it from dehydration. It neutralizes harmful free-radicals that are generated by UV, and is also involved in wound repair and reduction of the inflammatory response.

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