Essential Oil

Amber e.o. blend leans toward a softer Vanilla character without the common Tobacco hit. The smell right out of the bottle is strong Benzoin because of a generous percentage of Resin. On the test strip the aroma is more complex with hints of Vanilla, Vetiver and Labdanum. It contains resins, absolutes and over 50 percent steam distilled oils. The entire blend is natural. There are two captive products in this beautiful blend. There is another balsam not offered on the website and a reserved vanilla absolute also used for blends only. This blend has a great enhancing-fixative quality of e.o. obtained from woods, especially Sandalwood. It is not extracted from real amber, but its fragrance is very similar, and the cost is much lower. Not recommended for massage because of the presence of potentially sensitizing compounds.

Ingredients: Benzoin, Vanilla, Vetiver, Labdanum, and other e.o.
Applications: perfumery, meditation, calming.

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