Zodiac: Saturn
Essential Oil

Zodiac: Saturn e.o. blend using Cypress, Cedars and Pines and following the Alchemists' directives to Reinforce and Strengthen our chemist designed a woody, earthy blend to carry the cross of matter over the Soul's crescent. Saturn is associated with Calcinatio, defined as the ego reduced to ashes. It is a symbol of death and rebirth. This blend has great potential for blending. It works well with Patchouli, Bergamot and various woods. This scent can also add masculine notes to soaps and personal fragrances. The healer looking for a good multi-purpose product needs to try Saturn blend because it features Cypress which is known to be good for Vata body types since it is considered grounding. Easies sore throat.

Essential oils: Cypress, Cedarwood, Pine, and other pure essential oils.
Applications: respiratory problems, massage, meditation, may be used as deodorant dispersed by difusers.

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