The suggested* rates for Swedish and deep tissue massage are given below:
       - Short (1h) $65 or $165 for 3 (that's $55/1h)
       - Standard (1.5h) $85 or $210 for 3 (that's $70/1.5h or $47/h)
       - Long (2h+) $100 or $255 for 3 (that's $85 per session)

New Clients receive 1/3 of the price off, which is $40 and $56 for 1h and 1.5h session, respectively (the same price is for a Gift Certificate).

Rates for cupping massage:
        - one hour for $40 (first time, $30)
        - 10 one hour sessions for $350

*Satisfaction guarantee: My priority is your well being and you would realize that just after one session. I am confident that you would like my service so that I am offering a rare in this industry guarantee: pay for your massage only what's it's actually worth to YOU.         -   Wojtek Rychlik