Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Relief of:
- Headache
- Upper back pain including frozen shoulders
- Carpal and ulnar tunnel syndromes
- Frozen shoulders
- Lower back pain including sciatica
- Feet pain                                             and may also
- Improve range of motion and flexibility
- Enhance your immune system
- Rejuvenate skin by using high quality massage oils and butters
- Reduce stress by calming the central nervous system
- Reduce fat in belly and hips


Coupping massage benefits

Massage using silicone cups invigorates skin improving blood circulation and lymph flow. It facilitates in detox, reduces cellulite and spider veins, relaxes muscles, and reduces wrinkles by improving skin tone and making skin more firm. Cupping also helps digestion and eases fibromyalgia. You may feel changes right away, however, results are cumulative and more frequent sessions are advisable.