Best Hydroponic pH Tester

This medium range pH test indicator solution was designed especially for hydroponic plant cultivation, as it changes colors between pH 4.5 and 8.0. Best Hydroponic pH Tester contains a mixture of pH indicator dyes dissolved in 49% ethanol for best stability and accuracy (most vendors use a diluted sodium hydroxide solution). The kit consists of a 1 fl. oz. dye bottle, a sample vial and the Color Chart. Below is the actual photo of the test vials filled with 1.5 ml of the test buffers with specified pH and the dye. Note: the solution is concentrated, so that only one drop is required for the test.

best hydro pH test

1. Fill the vial with a tested medium to a level indicated on the Chart.
2. Add only one drop of the pH Tester solution. Note: adding more would give more saturated colors but they are hard to distinguish in a low pH range.
3. Compare color with the chart. Although it is not required, the best color difference you would see with a daylight fluorescent bulb (6500 °K).

If the pH is close to 5.0, use pH Up solution (usually diluted potassiun hydroxide), if it's above 7.0, use pH Down solution (usually diluted phosphoric acid). Both solutions are readily available in your local grow store. The kit can be used to check out pH of soil samples. In this case, the optimum pH is near 7.0.

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Best Hydro Kit

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